What to Put Behind a Dartboard to Protect Your Walls

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they get started with darts is completely neglecting their walls. You hang up your dartboard without giving a second thought to what’s going to happen when you miss and fill your wall with dart holes. No matter how good of a player you are, your wall still needs … Read more

What’s The Best Material For A Dart Board?

Best Material For A Dart Board

You already know that dart boards are manufactured from a wide array of materials. This is something that you’ll learn from the very beginning. I concur that it is a good thing to have plenty of options. However, you must realize that plenty of options can make your decision so much more difficult. You’ll obviously … Read more

What Type Of Dart Flights Should I Use?

What Type Of Dart Flights Should I Use

As a veteran darts player, I highly recommend experimenting with a wide array of flights. When I first got started, I felt the urgency to play with as many flights are humanly possible. This is something that I believe is pertinent for finding your own personal preferences and style. So, which dart flights should you … Read more

What Dart Weight Should I Use?

What Dart Weight Should I Use

Darts are available in various styles, shapes and weights. These parameters can really throw you for a loop. Don’t worry. I sympathize with your current predicament. You want to play darts to the best of your ability, but you’re not entirely sure which dart will be right for you. As a beginner, you’ll need to … Read more