How to Calculate Darts Averages

How to Calculate Darts Averages

Whether you slung your first darts at the bar, at a frat party, or in a buddy’s garage, what started out as an innocent pastime has now become a serious passion. You went out and invested in your very own dart board and now you find that you’re playing on a constant basis; both on … Read more

What is a Hat Trick in Darts?

darts hat trick

Darts is more than just a game that people play for entertainment. Of all the games that have been invented and played throughout the course of history, believe it or not, darts has one of the richest histories and cultures. What originated at a pastime in the 14th century by medieval soldiers, who were seeking … Read more

What Is A Triple 20 In Darts?

what is a triple 20 darts

In darts, there are tons of terms that are frequently used. Some are easier to understand than others. As a frequent darts player, there is a good chance that you’ve heard the term triple at some point or another. If not, you need to learn about the triple and the triple 20 as quickly as … Read more

How Many Legs Are In A Set Of Darts?

How Many Legs Are In A Set Of Darts

Whether you are new to darts or have been playing for years, your goals should be the same. The goal of any player is to reach a professional level and if you want to truly play like the professionals, you need to start playing by the same rules and regulations. With that being said, what … Read more

How Far Is The Throw Line From The Dartboard?

Playing a game of darts is extremely fun, but if you are playing in a competition, the regulations must be followed to a tee. In fact, the height of the dartboard must be exactly 5’ 8” from the floor. While the height is the same for both soft and steel tip darts, the distance from … Read more

Can You Lean Over The Line In A Dart Game?

Can You Lean Over The Line In A Dart Game

Whether you are completely new to darts or you have been playing darts for years, there is a very good chance that you are not all that familiar with the rules. Maybe your recent game with a group of friends brought up some questions or maybe a newbie turned to you for some insight. Whatever … Read more

How Many Points Is The Bullseye In Darts?

How Much Is The Bullseye In Darts

When it comes to playing darts, the ultimate goal is without a doubt to hit the bullseye. Of course, this can be one of the hardest tasks to accomplish, because the target is so small and illusive. With that being said, the dartboard is extremely similar to an archery board and can be scored in … Read more