Top 5 Best Dart Backboards of 2022

dart backboards

If you play darts, you need a dart backboard.

That is, unless you:

  1. Have perfect aim when you throw darts
  2. Are fine with putting a bunch of dart holes in your wall

I'm guessing most of us don't fall into either category, so a dart backboard is going to be your best friend. While some people go the DIY route, I highly suggest buying a pre-made dart backboard instead.

It'll guarantee that darts won't go through them, it'll save you time and let's be honest, it's more convenient.

If you're looking the best dart backboard, rest easy. I've done the heavy lifting for you.

Here are the best dart backboards for the money.

Top 5 Dart Backboards

There is no black and white answer to which dart backboard is the best. As previously stated there are many different factors in choosing the best dart backboard. It all depends on you, the consumer. What needs does it satisfy? Are you a more casual player who is primarily concerned with just having fun? Or are you a very serious competitive player?

Many factors play into effect such as alcohol consumption, style of place, and style of play. You would not hang a super deluxe felt backboard in a seedy dive bar for someone to damage it and treat it carelessly. Those are the things one should always consider when deciding which dart backboard best suits you.

1. Viper Championship Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard Set, Mahogany Finish

This is a luxury set with beautiful mahogany trip pieces. The Viper Championship dart backboard is in a class of its own with competition style felt and accompanying score board. It holds four complete sets of darts also. The set includes dry erase board and mounting hardware.

Viper Championship Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard Set, Mahogany Finish


  • Comes with mounting brackets
  • check-circle
    Made of felt
  • check-circle
    Mahogany trim
  • check-circle
    Holds four sets of darts
  • check-circle
    Includes a scoreboard


  • Premium price

2. Dart-Stop 29" Professional Dartboard Backboard, Octagonal 

Professional felt dart backboard that does not ever show damage from darts. There are no pieces of wood trim to be scarred by darts so it maintains a pristine and professional appearance. It is octagon shaped so it adds a cool aesthetic to the piece.

Dart-Stop 29 Professional Dartboard Backboard Octagonal


  • Professional grade
  • check-circle
    Doesn't show wear and tear
  • check-circle
    Made of felt


  • Small size

3. Jelinek Cork Group Cork Dart Board Backer

This cork dart backboard is perfect for outdoor darts or for the casual player. It is lightweight and easily installed. Holds up to the elements and protects walls from damage

Jelinek Cork Group Cork Dart Board Backer


  • Inexpensive
  • check-circle


  • Poor aesthetic design

4. Viper Defender Backboard & Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Bundle

Fits any standard 17.75 inch dart board. Has 5 inches of protection against stray darts. It is easy to assemble and fully reversible.

Viper Defender Backboard Sisal Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Bundle


  • Cool design
  • check-circle
    Fully reversible


  • Doesn't give a large area of protection

5. Viper Defender III Extended Length Dartboard Surround Wall Protector

This model fits all standard dart boards. It has a massive 8.2 square feet of protection for your wall. Design leaves plenty of room for mistakes and is also reversible and easy to mount.

Viper Defender III Extended Length Dartboard Surround Wall Protector


  • Large surface area
  • check-circle
    Great price


  • Wish it looked better aesthetically

Why Do You Need A Dart Backboard?

Choosing to purchase a dart backboard is a smart investment in any home or business that incorporates the game of darts.

Darts are a very fun and exciting game to play with friends but occasionally mistakes happen. Using steel dart tips can do a lot of damage to walls and floors.

Even soft tip darts are a detriment to the integrity of the wall the dartboard rests on.

Implementing the use of protective and preventative maintenance equipment such as a dart backboard can save you thousands in unnecessary contractor bills. 

The little holes produced by the flying dart tips can decrease the value of a home or a business.

Anyone that throws darts at home knows how annoying it is to put a hole in your wall. It’s even worse when you have to fix it. Dart backboards keep players from inflicting repetitive damage on the supporting wall.

They also make the game more fun by taking the worry out of it. Dart backboards ensure safe and carefree fun with no damage to your property!

What Type Of Dart Backboard Do You Need?

There are many different types of dart backboards to choose from. Many people hang up dart boards for aesthetics in eye catching places so it is important to have something that’s pleasing to the eye as well as functional and protective. 

The differences in most dartboards come in the form of materials. The material you choose should go along with venue in which it’s hung. 

For instance, a country club would not want a cheap looking wooden backboard that is easily destroyed. They would choose something more sleek and elegant and that blended in with its surroundings.

With style also comes a higher price tag. There are many backboards that are hand-made for specific locations based on their interior and those can range as high as five hundred dollars.

Is important to consider where it is being used and who is going to be using it. If there are children playing, a bigger backboard will save you a lot of frustration. 

If there are advanced dart players, they may not need as big of a backboard. Also be aware of the hardware your dart backboard comes with.

There are many ways to hang up a backboard but they are not universal and this is a factor to pay attention to.

darts sticking in dart backboard

What To Look For When Choosing A Dart Backboard

Dart backboards come in different mediums such as cork, foam, felt, and wood. They all have different strong suits and applications so it is important to do some research before consenting to buy. 

The type of darts that you use has an effect as well. 

Soft tip darts bounce off harder surfaces where as steel tip darts penetrate. Soft tip darts do better with softer surfaces because they incur less damage when coming in contact with a backboard.

Soft tip darts still make dents and cause damage to walls. They have a greater tendency to stick into soft foam than into felt or wood. 

Steel tip darts do a lot of damage to softer foam backboards. When they stick into the board they often time’s pull chunks of foam out when you remove the dart. This causes a crater like effect and causes the deterioration of the board’s overall quality.

Steel tip darts tend to do better with harder surfaces so they do not wiggle around after penetrating the board and loosening up material.

Foam Backboards

As stated above foam boards are tailored to softer tips. They are very light and easy to install. Often times these light foam will dry out over time causing them to get rough and powdery to the touch.

Once in this condition the backboard deteriorates quickly. The best place to use a foam board would be inside in a climate controlled environment such as a home or bar, not outside. Foam is your more universal pick for a backboard. Foam backboards fit in well in casual bar and home settings.

Cork Backboards

Cork backboards are a slightly less expensive alternative to a more heavy duty backboard. They are light and easy to install as well. Cork backboards function very well in more rustic outdoor settings.

The material is not as expensive as felt or wood so it can take a bit more punishment from the elements and players alike. 

Cork backboards also have the tendency to crater and destruct over time. Fortunately, they are inexpensive and easy to come by.Cork would not be a good fit aesthetically for a higher end establishment but a home, man cave, garage, or outdoor area is perfect.

cork dart backboard

Felt Backboards

Felt backboards are going to be your more expensive and high end products in the world of backboards. They offer a more luxurious feel and look.

They are an excellent decorative piece and accompaniment to a quality dartboard. Felt has a sexy feel and does not show damage as badly as cork or foam.

Felt backboards often times come with a wooden border so players have to be careful not to miss and damage the backboard. Felt is considered a more professional style backboard, one that requires more accuracy and concentration.

Novice players are often times more nervous around boards they have the potential to mess up.


Dart throwing has become a huge community and a wonderful pastime that literally anyone can enjoy. When including multitudes of people, different experience levels need to be taken into consideration.

With dart backboards on the market it has never been so easy to protect your home or business and have fun.

With all of the different styles and models hitting the shelves, anyone can find a dart board and backboard to give them the combination of both performance and aesthetics and an all around reasonable price. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to