Best Dart Cases & Wallets of 2022: Rated & Reviewed

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Any serious dart player wouldn’t dare carrying their darts around unprotected. The only way to ensure your dart throwing equipment travels securely is to invest in a dart case.  

Aside from protecting your darts, a case allows you to carry around all your accessories, keep everything organized and gives you some security when you're playing darts in a bar or other public places.

Plus, keeping your darts in a quality case/dart wallet extends the life of your darts since they're now out in the open forced to deal with all the elements.

While you might be tempted to pickup any old case you find in a five dollar bin, it's important to realize that not all dart cases are created equally!

That's why we've created this complete guide to buying a dart case. We'll let you know what to look out for, and show you our picks of the top 5 dart cases you can buy.

Top 5 Dart Cases

Now that you know what to look for, let's take a look at our picks of the best dart case on the market:

1. Casemaster Ternion 9 Dart Aluminum Storage/Travel Case

The Casemaster Ternion is truly the pinnacle of dart cases. It comfortably holds three sets of darts and room for extra flights, shafts, wrench, tips and other accessories. It comes with a plastic container for keeping up with small items.

It also features a large pocket for added storage. It comes complete with a ninety day warranty. This case is not only very functional but also sleek professional and classy.

Casemaster Ternion 9 Dart Aluminum Storage:Travel Case


  • It comes with a 90 day warranty
  • check-circle
  • check-circle
  • check-circle
    Darts cannot be mashed or harmed due to its metal exterior


  • Metal can get scratched after a while of wear and tear
  • times-circle
    Only comes in one color

The Fit Flight Case is a compact style case for the avid dart player. It comes in black leather so its  durable and rugged outside protects darts and accessories.

It holds one full set of darts with room for eight shafts and accommodates both steel tip and soft tip darts. Its compact size is convenient and unobtrusive which makes it the perfect case for the payer “on the go”. It comes with a carabiner that attaches to a belt loop for easy carrying.  

Fit Flight Case Fit Container Dart Case


  • It's durable and portable with a carabiner for easy carrying
  • check-circle
    Comes in multiple color options


  • Only holds one set of darts

3. Fit Flight Case S Dart Case Clear

The Fight Flight case is the compact sleeve model. It holds three darts in a plastic hard case to keep the darts from sustaining damage.

The Case implements a “push in” system that doesn’t put as much stress on the flights and shafts. This allows the user to play darts worry free.

Fit Flight Case S Dart Case Clear


  • Very compact
  • check-circle
    Hard plastic exterior protects darts and flights perfectly


  • Only holds three darts with no room for extra accessories
  • times-circle
    Doesn't have a handle or clip for carrying


This Multi-colored and stylish case holds two full sets of darts and has an extra compartment for additional storage. This wallet style case gives the user freedom, function, and portability. It comes with a carabiner clip.



  • Multicolored and stylish appearance
  • check-circle
    Extra storage space for darts and accessories
  • check-circle
    It has a carabiner clip and is easily to carry around


  • times-circle
    Only comes with one color option

5. Casemaster Belt Clip 3 Dart Nylon Storage/Travel Case

The Casemaster Belt Clip 3 is a compact dart case designed to give the user freedom by attaching the darts to the players belt. The belt clip enables hands free carry and is small and discreet. It carries one dart set and leaves room for accessories as well.

Casemaster Belt Clip 3 Dart Nylon Storage Travel Case


  • Maneuverability
  • check-circle
    Compact size
  • check-circle
    Good budget pick


  • Minimal storage space
  • times-circle
    Limited color options

What Should I Look Out For When Buying A Dart Case

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when buying a dart case. For instance there are different styles of dart cases.

Some require you to disassemble the darts which can put more wear on dart feathers. The cases that allow you leave your darts assembled also have drawbacks.

They can sometimes cause the dart feathers to warp if not individually secured inside a case. 

There are many different styles out there that are specifically tailored to an individual’s  use.

Size is a factor as it affects how many darts and accessories you can bring with you to your dart event. The cases go up in increments of three and range as high as fifteen. The next thing you need to figure out is what kind of material you want your case to be.

Dart Case Material

The material that a dart case is made of is an important part of its function. There are hard case options as well as canvas material options. The hard cases are great for the dart player on the move. They allow for the player to pack and store their equipment safely without the risk of damaging darts and accessories. The fabric variety are usually more inexpensive and less heavy and cumbersome. 

Metal Dart Case

These hard case varieties are often times more expensive than their fabric counter-parts. They give the user the ability to stack and store and also travel with darts.

The metal cases offer more peace of mind when it comes to protection. Metal cases can also be locked for an added level of security for the user.

metal dart case

Nylon/Fabric Dart Case

Fabric cases offer a more inexpensive way to organize and protect your darts.

Even though they lack the structure of a metal case, fabric cases give you a level of portability and protection for a portion of the price.

nylon dart case

Plastic Dart Cases

Another option is a plastic dart case. These are generally the cheapest option.

While they can be an affordable way to carry darts around, bear in mind they don't offer as much protection as metal or nylon dart cases.

plastic dart case

Size (How Many Darts Does It Store?)

Picking the right size dart case is an important part of the selection process. The style of player you are should determine the size you choose.

Many players have multiple sets of darts that are different weights. Some players change out their darts more often than others and have a range of flights that are also interchangeable. 

There are more compact three dart cases that perfectly accommodate the average dart player. Some cases hold as much as fifteen and come with pockets and sleeves for feathers and dart shafts. These are for your more professional dart player.


The purpose you intend to use your case for is also a very important thing to consider.

Are you a competitive player who rotates darts to improve their game or simply an avid dart player who likes to keep their equipment organized and safe?

Are you transporting your darts to and from and need a secure case or are you storing your home collection of darts. Sometimes multiple cases are needed to fulfill your needs. 

Most people find a universal solution that offers both protection and portability, allowing for functionability.


Competitive darts is a very big community and events take place all over the world. Dart players are forced to find a safe means of transporting their expensive dart equipment and accessories

The hard metal cases are not only durable but sleek and professional in appearance.  They repel water, dirt, and outside elements which comes in handy to the traveling dart player.

If you are going to be on the move, having a sleek professional looking case really sets you apart from the competition.


Even at home its very important to keep your equipment and accessories organized and safely stored.

If you aren’t going to be transporting your darts and accessories then you can afford to settle on a more spacious case that allows you to fully organize your equipment exactly house you like it.

Also since you aren’t traveling you can purchase a fabric case which is less of an investment but gives you plenty of protection.

Protect & Carry Your Darts With Confidence

All of these different cases bring something special to the table. Each of them serve a specific purpose for a variety of dart players.

Factors such as price, size, material, and purpose are very important factors to pay attention to before making a purchase. 

As stated earlier, there are many different kinds of players who have different needs. Each case had tremendous value in their own right and specific purpose. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to