Best Dart Shafts & Stems of 2022(Reviews & Buying Guide)

best dart shaft

Anyone that is serious about their dart game at least considers each part of the dart separately, and many actually buy their darts in several pieces and puts together custom darts that fit their game perfectly.

Even if you don’t want to create your own custom darts, you might still consider replacing your dart shaft alone instead of buying a brand-new set of darts. There are definite advantages to this, not the least of which is the money you’ll save if only one dart from your favorite set needs repaired.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know to buy the best dart shafts, and my suggestions for the best dart shafts.

Best Dart Shafts

Don't want to play the guessing game or waste money on low quality shafts? Here are my suggestions for the best dart shafts you can buy:

4 Sets of 3 Package Deal Black Aluminum Dart Shafts

Our first set of shafts doesn’t contain as many shafts as some of the others on the list, but they do have a pretty big advantage. For the beginning darts player, this set might be the perfect solution to figuring out just what kind of shafts you like for your darts. That’s because it contains both medium-length dart shafts and short dart shafts. They are constructed of aluminum and are very good quality shafts, and having a couple of different lengths will allow you to determine what kind of shaft you like for your darts.


  • Made of durable aluminum
  • Comes in both medium-length and small
  • Includes o-rings to keep them from becoming loose
  • Fits most darts


  • You only get 12 shafts, and there are other packages that include a lot more


The bottom line is that this is a terrific set of shafts, but there isn’t much variety. In fact, besides the fact that there are two sizes to choose from, these all look pretty much the same. So, it all comes down to what you are looking for. If you want to try out short and medium shafts to see which one you like better, this is a good choice. If you want lots of colors and varieties, there are other shaft kits listed here.

53mm(20/30/40pcs) Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts

This dart shaft set is terrific for those who want a variety of dart shafts and to be able to save as much money as possible. The original package has 20 different shafts that comes in 5 different colors. But you can choose the 30-piece or the 40-piece set as well, and you save money the save money with each increase in quantity. So, with the 40-piece set, you get 8 shafts of each color, but still five colors total. They are 54mm, which is a thickness preferred by many pros, and they are made of sturdy aluminum. They also come with a 2BA groove that fits most of the darts out there.


  • Lots of shafts for a really low price and you can increase quantity and save even more
  • Comes with rubber o-rings for each shaft so that your darts don’t become loose
  • Five different colors: red, black, purple, green and blue


  • It would be nice if the shafts came in more than 5 colors for such a large quantity
  • Colors may not be exactly the shade that you see in the picture


This is a terrific choice for professional dart players, because they are made of aluminum and are at the right thickness for professional darts. It would be nice if there were more colors, but there are certainly sufficient quantities to keep you in shafts for a while, and even the 20-piece package has shafts for four darts instead of three like other kits.

43mm(20/30/40pcs) Aluminum Short Darts Shafts

This set is basically an alternative to the previous set. They have a lot of similarities. They are both manufactured by the same company, both come in 20-piece, 30-piece and 40-piece kits, both come in just a few colors and they are extremely well-built out of durable aluminum with o-rings included. The different here is that this set only has four colors (different colors than the other review) and there are more shafts per color in this kit. They are also 43mm instead of 53mm, which is still a thickness used by some pros, and it is preferred by many because it makes your dart a little lighter.


  • Comes with a great-looking aluminum box to keep all of your shafts in
  • Comes with four vibrant colors
  • Choose from the 20-piece, 30-piece or 40-piece set and save money by upgrading


  • Only four colors no matter which quantity you get
  • Colors may not match picture


The bottom line with this set is that it is a good alternative to the other one that we reviewed by the same brand. The difference is that these are a little thinner, the colors are a little different, and you get fewer colors and more darts per color. It is still a solid purchase if you are looking for heavy-duty aluminum shafts that will stand the test of time. Also, these are short while the other ones were medium, so if you prefer short, you may want to go with this kit instead.

Outop Dxhycc 3 Sets/9pcs Aluminum Darts Shafts

For someone looking for a budget option, this is the best choice on the list. For about the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you can get a great looking set of aluminum shafts that are still constructed out of durable materials that are strong enough to stand up to professional use while paying just a tiny price. This set comes with a total of nine shafts, three of each color. There are lines on each shaft that are a really great aesthetic, and they are very attractive pieces.


  • Three colors for total of nine pieces
  • Comes in red, blue and black
  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • A row of 5 silver lines on the shaft adds to the aesthetics


  • Not much color variety
  • Only three darts per color which may put those with sets of four darts off


You really can’t beat this dart set when it comes to price. You simply won’t find another set of dart shafts lower than this. But even though it is inexpensive, the dart shafts are not made out of cheap materials. Three colors and nine shafts total doesn’t seem like a lot, but the price is to good that it is hard to complain. A good budget choice for sure.

Dart Shafts Buying Guide

The first thing that you want to look at when it comes to buying dart shafts is the type of shaft that they are. This refers mainly to the material that the dart is constructed of. One of the most popular materials is nylon.

Nylon shafts are pretty basic and inexpensive, but they don’t last nearly as long as some of the tougher materials. In addition, some people like nylon because they come in so many different colors. But for those that play well, and throw in tight groups, this material isn’t going to last long. This is basically the same for a couple of other materials as well: plastic and polycarbonate.

Aluminum darts are a lot more durable than plastic or nylon, but they are also a little more expensive. Aluminum shafts also have the advantage of coming in quite a few different colors or decorative styles. However, unless the dart is constructed properly, with o-rings between the shaft and barrel, aluminum darts tend to become loose fairly easily when throwing darts.

Another terrific material is the carbon-fiber or carbon-composite dart shaft. These are going to be more expensive than the others, but they are durable without the vibrating problem that you get with aluminum shafts.

The next thing that you want to consider is whether you want long shafts or short shafts. The way that your darts are constructed, particularly with the shafts and flights, will change the way that your darts will fly.

While this is mostly a matter of personal preference, shorter shafts usually have the center of gravity closer to the front of the barrel while longer shafts have the center of gravity further back. Where you prefer the center of gravity on your darts will depend upon where you like to grip your dart and how you prefer to throw them.

The only other two things that you want to consider with dart shafts are style and special features. When it comes to style, it is wholly a matter of personal preference. There are many colors, styles and designs out there, but none of them will make any real difference to your game.

You should also keep in mind that some dart shafts include special features such as spinning shafts that move your flights out of the way if another dart is thrown right next to yours. This is beneficial for those who play with high skilled players, because it will make sure that your flights do not get destroyed as often during tight groupings. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to