Top 5 Best Dart Throw Lines of 2022

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Dart throw line markers are an essential part of any serious dart players list of necessary equipment. Line markers keep you competitive and allow you and your rival to have a fair and fun dart throwing experience.

Without a Dart throw line marker, the player is simply guessing where to stand with no clear direction or rules. Without the line marker there isn’t a way to fairly and accurately score the game which makes it vital to the game of darts.

Top 5 Dart Throw Line Markers

After sorting through hundreds of competitors, we narrowed these products down to a top five list to make your shopping experience easier than ever.

1. Fat Cat “The Bull Starts Here” Throw/Toe Line Marker Plus Dart Multi-Purpose Tool 

Fat Cat “The Bull Starts Here” Throw:Toe Line Marker Plus Dart Multi-Purpose Tool

The Fat Cat “The Bull Starts Here” Throw/Toe Line Marker is a great and simple product. The easy to peel away sticker lets you easily apply the line marker to your desired specifications.

It includes a super strong adhesive that keeps it hanging tough on high traffic floor areas. It also comes with an Axis Rectifier Scale that allows the player to adjust his or her course for accuracy. This product also comes with a dart tool for easy adjustments to gear.


  • Good visibility
  • check-circle
    Strong adhesive
  • check-circle
    Included multi-purpose


  • May be hard to remove in the future
Viper Dart Throw Toe Line Floor Marker- Edge

The Viper Dart Throw/Toe Line Floor Marker: Edge is a sticker style throw line marker. It has an edgy and cool design with an Axis Rectifier Scale included for accuracy and quick adjustments.


  • Includes an axis rectifier scale
  • check-circle
    Simple peel-and-stick installation
  • check-circle
    Attractive graphics


  • Short length
  • times-circle
    Hard to remove
Viper Laser Throw-Toe Line Marker

Viper Laser Throw/Toe Line Marker is the latest in state of the art Dart Throw Line Marker technology. This sleek and modern device allows players to have a safe, slip-free, and fun dart playing experience. It is easily adjustable for different distances and works well on both carpet and commercial floors.


  • Bright laser light
  • check-circle
    Energy efficient
  • check-circle
    Cordless design, battery-powered


  • Laser light may be hard to see in bright environment
  • times-circle
    Wired connections can come loose easily

Game Room Guys “Bull Starts Here Dart Throw Line Marker” is great for any game room! This is bound to settle arguments and keep the games fair with accurate measurements. This model is simple, sleek and waterproof! Mop fearlessly!

Game Room Guys Bull Starts Here Dart Throw Line Marker


  • Waterproof, and it can be mopped over for easily cleaning
  • check-circle
    Easy installation
  • check-circle
    Red and black coloring matches most dart board sets


  • Hard to remove
  • times-circle
    Numbers are small and may be hard to read
Viper Dart Throw Toe Line Floor Marker- Sharpshooter Take Aim Realtree Xtra Camouflage

The Viper Sharpshooter Take Aim, Realtree Xtra Camouflage Dart throw line marker is great for the hunters with it’s cool camo pattern. It also carries out the function of standard toe line markers, but with a little touch of style!


  • Premium print-pressed RealTree graphics
  • check-circle
    Keeps your toes lines up
  • check-circle
    Large marker


  • No axis rectifier markers

What Kind Of Dart Throw Line Markers Are Available?

There are a few different routes one can take when purchasing a line marker. You can purchase a mat with the lines on it, which, is way more expensive. 

You can purchase a line marker in the form of a sticker and as of just recently a new line marker product has come on to the market in the form of lasers. That’s right, Lasers!

Sticker Dart Throw Lines

dart throw line sticker

Dart throw Line Stickers are definitely the most economical route to take when buying a Dart Throw Line Marker. 

They are easily applicable to almost any surface. These surfaces include tile, hardwood, concrete, marble, vinyl, and linoleum floors. The only downfall to purchasing a sticker style line marker is the inability to apply them to carpet floors.

Carpet floors are not very common in a commercial setting so these dart line markers are confined to primarily the use of bars or pool halls and those without carpet. 

Stickers are versatile in the fact that they can be applied at any distance, supporting any level of play.

They come with an “Axis Rectifier Scale” which allows the player to adjust his or her foot positioning to find better accuracy with their throws. You can easily choose 7 foot 6 inch setting for steel tip darts or a 7 foot 9 ¼ inch distance for soft tip darts.

One important thing to remember is that after the sticker is applied it cannot be peeled up and re-applied. So those are all important things to note when choosing a sticker dart line marker.

Laser Dart Line Markers

laser dart throw line

Laser dart line markers are a new revolution in the dart playing community. They are extremely versatile and add a technological edge to any dart player. 

Not to mention they look great! The laser dart line markers are revolutionizing the dart industry by allowing players to switch distances and games at the flip of a switch. They are also very easily moved and adapted to fit other boards such as adjusting distance for steel tip darts versus soft tip darts. 

What makes the laser dart line markers so unique is their ability to adapt to any floor type. For instance if a player had carpet, the sticker format line markers would not be applicable where as the laser line markers were made for it! It adds a really hi tech and modern effect to any dart game and maybe even an added bit of fun.

The only problem that a laser dart line marker might have would be with a high gloss hardwood floor under a heavy glare.

The laser could potentially not show up as vividly or clear with interference from the reflection of the sun and the shiny surface of the finished hardwood. Lasers are still very safe in the fact that there are no bulky mats to trip over or slip on while playing.

Hand Drawn Dart Throw Lines

Yes, unfortunately hand drawn lines are a thing. They are the original dart throw line marker but they come with some major flaws. 

For one, human error might come in to play when applying the dart line marker. It’s very easy to get off course with your measurements and one has to be very careful when drawing the line so it isn’t crooked or off center.

Drawing a dart throw line is simply an outdated and inaccurate way to go about having a regulation dart board set up. It looks unprofessional and is also not as easy to see as a laser or a sticker would be.

What's the Purpose of Using a Dart Throw Line?

The functions of dart throw line markers, whether they are lasers or stickers, is to ensure a fair and competitive game.

Without the guidelines set by them there would be many arguments over who was “over the line” or “not playing fair”. Dart line markers are a great way to keep the focus on the game rather than arguing with friends!

They help players align themselves and improve accuracy and scores. It is not always about competition, they help to improve your overall game. 

dart throw line distance

Dart Throw Line Marker Buying Guide

Of all the different varieties, shapes, colors, and designs for dart line markers the decision comes down to a few different factors.These factors include: setting, purpose, style, and price.


Is the dartboard located in a home, commercial, or competitive setting? The reason being is that these different venues have a multitude of different flooring options and the dart throw line marker you choose should accommodate the floor. If you have a shiny floor the laser dart line marker might not be your best option. A standard sticker dart line marker will suffice and help to combat the glare of the floor. If the floor is carpet then obviously the sticker option is out and the laser dart line marker would be your best option.


Is the function of the dart line for competitive or personal use? Competitive dart games primarily go with traditional methods that most players are familiar with. A laser dart line could be distracting in a competition setting where as the sticker version would perform the least intrusively.

Style And Price

Style and price are also two very important factors when making your selection. Some people prefer a more updated and modern look when it comes to their dart throwing experiences while others prefer a more traditional “no frills” approach. Either way these products will ensure you stay behind the line, no matter your preferences!

Which Dart Throw Line Marker is Right For You?

The thing that all of these dart throw line markers have in common besides darts is that they are all excellent products that enrich the game and inspire friendly competition.

Darts would not be the same without the friendly guiding lines of toe line markers. With so many options to choose from it would be very difficult to leave dissatisfied after purchasing one of these fine toe line markers. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to