Best Dartboard Stands of 2022

best dartboard stands

So, you love playing darts, you want to practice at home, and so you’ve bought yourself the perfect board to use around the house. No doubt you’ve also spent some time picking out the perfect darts that travel with a perfect arc and that never rebound from the surface.

But the set up is not complete. As they say, the devil is in the details. Which is to say that in order to have the perfect darts experience, you also need to have a way to stand the dartboard and somewhere to put it. That’s where the perfect dart board stand comes in. 

And believe us: it can make a huge difference to the playing experience in the long and short term.

Top Dartboard Stands

With all that said, let’s take a look at some of the best dartboard stands you can get right now.

SPRAWL Portable Dart Board Stand-One

The SPRAWL is your basic textbook dartboard stand, which is not meant as a criticism. In fact, this dartboard stand does everything you might need with no frills. 

The stand has a tripod design similar to a camera stand on three legs. It’s very easy to assemble and can be erected in any game room, garage, pub, garden or other location. It’s also rigid and sturdy thanks to the firm iron metal bracket.

As well as the dartboard stand, SPRAWL also includes an 18” dartboard that is high quality: double sided, super-dense, high quality flocking and a galvanized steel flocking ensure excellent performance.


  • Included dartboard
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fits other dartboards
  • Adjustable height


  • Not everyone will need the included dartboard
  • The tripod design easy to knock over
  • No backboard or scoreboard
SPRAWL Freestanding Dartboard Set

Also from SPRAWL, the description in this case tells you what you need to know. Once again, you will get included dartboards with the same high quality flocking and anodized steel wiring. You once again get the same well-made tripod stand, and the same flexibility that this design affords

But of course the big difference this time around is that you’re getting two dartboards! This is largely intended for two player games and upwards – ideal for parties, gatherings and more. Of course it can also create more one player gameplay options.


  • Two boards = twice the fun?
  • Good value
  • Practical and flexible stand
  • 12 month warranty


  • Many people have no need for two boards
  • Not great for small spaces
  • No backboard
Shot Nomad Portable Dartboard Stand System

Another great option for those that don’t necessarily want a dartboard hanging on their walls 24/7. The Shot Nomad will again collapse for storage or transport, but this time uses a slightly different design. This is a single flat stand that has just two legs - this makes it ideal for leaning in the corner of a room. However it does mean that you will always need something to lean it against in order for it to work. 

How you feel about that design will likely be the main deciding factor in whether you ultimately choose this dartboard. However, other features also set it apart – such as the included score boards on either side and just underneath, as well as the shelf for pens and darts. Perhaps best of all is the inclusion of an overhead light.


  • Backboard, scoreboard and more
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport


  • Premium price might not be for everyone
  • Doesn't include a dartboard
  • Must be propped against a wall or corner
Outlaw Freestanding Dartboard and Cabinet Set

Whereas other dartboard stands on this list might have been designed for those that want to keep their dartboard mostly hidden when not in use, this option is instead perfect for those that want to make a real feature of their board.

This freestanding dartboard cabinet provides a stunning piece of furniture to hold your dartboard that is ideal for storing supplies, darts, and more. It has an attractive cherry finish and keeps the dart board at a great height.

This also comes with a regulation 15.5 inch dartboard that will keep track of your score when playing with up to 8 players.


  • Looks fantastic
  • Good value
  • Not easy to knock over
  • Includes a dartboard and darts
  • Perfect for a game room


  • Takes up some space
  • Not portable
  • Not easy to replace the dartboard

Why The Right Dartboard Stand Matters

So what difference does a good dartboard stand make?

Well first and foremost, a dartboard stand might let you throw darts without destroying your walls. This is an age old debate between partners or flat mates. If you’re going to be playing darts, you’re often going to need permission from whoever you’re playing with to completely annihilate one wall. And no: we don’t care if you’re the best player around! There will still be times when a dart bounces or misses and that means holes in the wall. In rented accommodation, a dartboard stand may well be the only option.

A dartboard stand solves this problem by moving the dartboard away from that wall. At the same time, it means that the board doesn’t need to be permanently hung, taking up precious wall real-estate.

Then there’s the fact that the perfect dartboard stand will allow you to create ideal playing circumstances – placing the dartboard anywhere so that you can stand at the ideal distance and with the perfect lighting.

Finally, many dartboard stands will come with additional useful features, which can include things like built-in scoreboards, mats to protect the floor, adjustable heights, etc.

Which Dartboard Stand is Best For You?

Once you find the right way to stand and use your dartboard, you’ll find it’s much easier to play more of your favorite game. And then of course your skill will improve rapidly! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to