Best Dry Erase Dart Scoreboards of 2022

Best Dry Erase Dart Scoreboards

If you’re going to be playing darts at home either on your own or with a friend/family member, then you need a way to be able to keep score. This will let you know quickly who is winning any given game, while at the same time giving you the ability to track your own performance over time.

And if you are someone who has gone to lengths to create their own home games room, then having a scoreboard next to your darts is only going to make the whole set-up feel that much more authentic and close to the real thing. 

But while a scoreboard might seem like a rather simple bit of kit that wouldn’t require all that much thought or consideration, the truth is that these can vary quite a lot in terms of what they do and how much they add to the experience. In this post, we are going to take a look at the dry erase dart scoreboard. We’ll see how it differs from other types of scoreboard, why it’s a great choice, and what some of the best products on the market are in this category.

Top Dry Erase Dart Scoreboards

Trademark Gameroom Dry Erase Dartboard Cricket Scoreboard

The first dartboard on our list is a pretty textbook one that ticks all the major boxes you might be looking for. This dartboard is a white, dry-erase board that has a classy wooden frame dividing lines already in place for the game of cricket (two player).

This does limit the variety of game styles you can play with the board of course, but it also streamlines and simplifies the process of filling in your scores. On the whole, the scoreboard is also very well designed and looks a lot like something you might find hanging in a pub. If you have a games room that you’re hoping to add darts to, then you should find that this fits in perfectly!

Note that markers are not included with this one so you will have to buy those separately.


  • Very quick and simple to use
  • Easy to hang
  • Looks the part in any game room or pub
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • Only one type of game
  • Only supports two players
  • Markers not included
Magnetic White Board 24 x 18 Dry Erase Board

This inclusion might be bending the rules a little, but bear with us.

Rather than a dry erase dart scoreboard, what you have here is a dry erase white board that is intended for general use.

That in turn means that you can basically use it in any way that you see fit – as a scoreboard, or as a way to write messages to a flat mate. As a scoreboard it obviously takes a hit in terms of the size, the appearance (which isn’t quite what you’d get in a pub!), and the speed (as you need to fill out the columns yourself). But it is nevertheless a much more versatile option that you can use to play any variety of games.


  • Can track score for any type of game
  • Can be used for other things
  • Lots of space to write


  • It's not a dart scoreboard
Piero Lorenzo Magnetic Dry Erase Scoreboard

Finally, we have this extremely basic dart scoreboard that is very similar to the first option on this list but without the wooden frame. Instead, you get a thin black frame that does little more than outline the rectangular board.

The magnetic backing means it will stay flat against any metal surface, making it very easy to set up and use. But it is no frills and that means it’s not particularly an aesthetic choice!


  • Quick and easy to set up and use


  • Only works on metal surfaces

What is a Dry Erase Dart Scoreboard

When it comes to scoreboards for darts, you have three main categories. Those are: dry erase dart scoreboards, chalkboards, and digital scoreboards.

As you might guess, the digital scoreboard is a scoreboard that uses a digital display and input. This will normally be a small device that hangs near your dartboard and lets you input the scores via a keypad. It will then keep track of your game and allow you to see at a glance who is winning. One of the big advantages of these types of scoreboards is that they have programmable game modes and allow you to play a huge number of different rules and variations. 

But then on the downside, a programmable dart scoreboard is going to have more things to go wrong, is more easily damaged by a stray dart, and can sometimes be difficult to make out if it has a very small LED readout.

Some electronic scoreboards have the benefit of automatically keeping track of the score as you play. However, for this to work you will of course also need an electronic dartboard or an ‘e-bristle board’.

Chalk dart scoreboards are what most of us are familiar with from pubs and games rooms. These are chalkboards just like those you might have used at school, and have the most authentic feel to them of any scoreboard. Of course, these scoreboards can be a little more prone to smudging and marking. That is to say that when you rub clean one of these boards, they can leave white marks behind and over time that can become an issue that affects legibility.

All this is why using dry erase dart scoreboards is often the most popular choice. This means using scoreboards that use markers that can then be wiped clean off without the need for a damp cloth. Some scoreboards that use markers do require the use of water in order to clean, which of course makes them significantly less convenient. By being able to simply wipe clean your board, you’ll have a much easier time keeping score and keeping the board looking great.

Choosing the Best Dry Erase Dart Scoreboard

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