Best Electronic Darts Scoreboard of 2022

best electronic darts scoreboard

An electronic darts scoreboard does what it says on the tin. This is a scoreboard that you can use in order to keep track of the score when playing darts with friends, or in order to track your own progress over time. 

Either way, using an electronic scoreboard is an alternative to using a regular ‘analogue’ scoreboard. That is to say that you will be inputting the scores by typing on a small keypad, rather than writing them by hand with a marker or chalk. This has a few advantages.

Top Electronic Darts Scoreboards

Here are our recommendations for the best electronic darts scoreboards:

Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer

To start with, we’ll take a look at a prototypical example of a darts scorer. This electronic scoreboard uses a simple keypad for inputting your scores and has an LED readout with lots of information able to be displayed at once.

But here’s the thing: when you first take a look at this device you are going to get a headache. There are lots of different symbols, lots of buttons that aren’t necessarily self-explanatory… in short, it is not immediately apparent how you’re supposed to use the device or what it can do.

Once you do figure it out though, there are a lot of options here. There’s 40 different games to play and that includes over 655 different variations once you change all the settings. 

There are also some very clever different features. It has an auto-off mode and sleep mode to help conserve battery. Plus it supports up to eight players.

The device looks neat but is quite small. And arguably, this is the issue. It’s just a lot of tech crammed into a very small body – and that makes for something that can be a little complex and fiddly to use.


  • A large selection of dart games
  • Custom handicaps
  • Supports up to 8 players
  • Sleep and auto-off modes


  • A little fiddly to setup at first
  • On the smaller side
Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer

Our main complaint with the last option on this list was that it was a little on the ‘fiddly to use’ side. So how do you solve this problem when you need to be able to input the scores for a huge number of varied games?

The Arachnid here has the ideal solution (though it’s not the only one of its kind). Here, you get a digital dartboard on the right hand side of the scores, which means that inputting the score is as easy as touching the point you hit on the dartboard. This is so easy and intuitive, that it even makes it an option for those that are not familiar with how dart rules work!

The board supports up to four different games and can actually be synced to work automatically with bristle boards! 

There’s a voice too and it will allow you to play with up to eight players, and following rules for 24 game types.


  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Works automatically with e-bristle boards
  • Voice prompts


  • Fewer games than other scoreboards
Arachnid LCD Electronic Touch Pad Dart Scorer

This touch pad dart scorer is another from Arachnid that works with a simple dartboard image for inputting scores. It likewise works with traditional bristle boards and will support up to 18 game types and 8 players.

The design is more vertical rather than horizontal but in many ways this is a similar proposition to the previous entry on our list – just a slightly lower model without the voice prompts and other advanced features. Another very intuitive and powerful board.


  • Very intuitive to use
  • Works with bristle dartboards


  • Smaller selection of game modes

Advantages of Electronic Darts Scoreboards

First of all, using an electronic darts scoreboard means that you can input this information more quickly rather than having to balance against a wall and try to write with a pen. At the same time, using an electronic dartboard means that you can benefit from a wide range of additional features: you can use multiple different pre-programmed game modes for instance, and include more than two players.

Another advantage of using an electronic darts board is that some of them will come with smart extra features. Some for instance will let you play against an imaginary ‘AI’ opponent. In this way, you’ll input your scores and then more scores will be added for that additional player.

Some of these devices will even allow you to play another player remotely over a wi-fi connection! You input your scores, they send you theirs, and then a winner is announced at the end.

Finally, whereas a written scoreboard might risk eventually deteriorating as smudged chalk or pen are left behind, an electronic scoreboard won’t have this problem.

Is an Electronic Darts Scoreboard Right For You?

Which is not to say that this is the perfect solution for everyone! There are a couple of downsides to using an electronic scoreboard. For instance, this can be a little more complicated to get to grips with initially, and some users will find themselves struggling to figure them out the first time they try using them.

Another issue is that an electronic darts scoreboard can sometimes be prone to getting damaged. More parts means more to go wrong, but this is especially true when the mechanism is being hung next to a target that you’ll be launching darts at!

Which Electronic Darts Scoreboard is Best For You?

As you can see then, a scoreboard can be a simple chalkboard or dry eraser board that you can write on. Alternatively though, it can also be something much more elaborate and involved, giving you multiple different ways to input and creating lots of different gameplay opportunities.

Of course, if you want to go one step further, then you could consider investing in an electronic dart board, or an e-bristle board. This will include those features built-in and allow you to start tracking your score straight out of the box. A very simple and easy solution but not without its own limitations. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to