Best Dartboard With Darts Set of 2022

Best Dartboard with Darts Set

When it comes to choosing the right dartboard, there are several things that you want to evaluate. However, the main thing is that you decide why you are getting a dartboard in the first place and what sort of budget you have for it.

Those that are seeking a professional dartboard are going to have very different buying requirements than someone who is buying a dartboard for pleasure that is going to get a lot of use. Let’s take a look at some of the factors to keep in mind when it comes to buying a dartboard with darts and some of the best dartboard’s out there.

Top Dartboards With Darts Sets

Viper Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Set

The first dartboard that we like is from Viper Shot Kingand it is a bristle dartboard that is endorsed by the British Darts Organization. It also is a great system for beginners, even though it is one of the highest quality dartboards out there because it has a little extra room for higher scoring due to the thinness of the wires. Of course, the other features make it a great choice for professionals as well. This is also one of the most highly-reviewed dartboards out there from a terrific brand.


  • Steel tipped dartboard set
  • Staple free bullseye
  • High quality radial spider wire
  • More room for high scores
  • Rotating number ring
  • Comes with six steel tipped darts


  • A little more expensive than beginner or casual dartboards
  • A little difficult to install for beginners


This dartboard is great for beginners who want a high-quality dartboard and don’t mind putting in the extra work to learn how to use it properly. It does come with steel darts, which are the ones preferred by pro dart players, and it comes with quality board construction and a rotating number ring so that you can make it last as long as possible. This is our top pick for good reason, and even though it is more expensive than a casual dartboard, the bottom line is that the quality that you get is well worth the extra cost.

BETTERLINE Double-Sided Flocked Dart Board Set

This double-sided dart board set from Betterline is a terrific pick for a solid dartboard that will still come in under budget. Not only does it come with a set of six brass darts, but it also has two sides and comes with a cricket scoring board so that you are able to play multiple games with the same dart board. That gives you a great deal of versatility and makes sure that you get as much value out of this board as possible. Plus, it features spider-wire to prevent darts from bouncing out, a large playing area and high-quality inks so you are able to see everything when you play.


  • Constructed of high-quality compressed material and flocked for an easier playing surface
  • Durable metal number ring
  • 18-inches to meet regulation standards
  • Comes with 6 brass darts
  • Double-sided board with second target on the back for new games
  • Contains a cricket scoring bed in addition to the dartboard


  • Steel tipped darts not appropriate for unsupervised children
  • Fairly durable but not made to stand up to major use


The bottom line is that this is a really good mid-range dart board that comes with high-quality darts and is made of materials that are going to last a while. But the real strength of this dartboard is the versatility. There are only so many games that you can play on a standard board, but when you add in a second dart board on the opposite side and a cricket scorecard then you have a lot more freedom to play games that you want to play.

18" Regulation Sized Tournament Dartboard

This dartboard is also a great dartboard for anyone who wants to start out with a basic dartboard but still has plans to get serious about it down the road. That’s because this dartboard comes with the darts that you need to play professionally, and it offers the same sizes and dimensions as a regulation size dartboard. This is perfect for anyone wanting a casual dartboard in the basement, as the price is perfect for casual, and it comes with high-quality darts so you don’t even have to pay extra for those. The brand on these is Protocol and it is made of fairly durable material and bright, vibrant inks.


  • 2-sided regulation size number slots and a circular bullseye.
  • Comes with a set of brass darts that have steel tips.
  • Good quality dartboard for the price
  • Easy to read numbers and a solid backing that is easy to hang


  • Not the most durable of dartboards for long-term use
  • Sometimes darts will not stick properly if not thrown hard enough


So, this isn’t going to be the dartboard that you get if you practice daily and are going to be using it constantly. The price is great, but the material isn’t intended to stand up to long term use. In addition, sometimes darts have a hard time sticking; particularly in the very center. However, for casual use, this should last for a fairly long time and be worth the price. Plus, the darts that it comes with takes a pretty big chunk out of the price, because they are excellent.

Dartboard with Darts Buying Guide

Buying a dartboard with darts is a little more complex because you have to evaluate the dartboard and the darts separately. When it comes to the dartboard itself, you have to decide what type of construction material you want. Bristle is a common material used in the construction of dartboards.

You also want to determine the depth of your dartboard and the density level. A dartboard that is more dense will have more resistance against your darts. In addition, the denser and deeper your dartboard is, the more it is going to cost.

If you want a dartboard that is going to stand the test of time and will get a lot of use, then you need to be concerned with the quality of the ink as well. You want eco-friendly, food grade Ink that penetrates into the bristle if you wanted to last the longest. This gives the dartboard a great deal of visibility and durability, and it is good for the environment.

You also want to make sure that your dartboard has a fine playing surface because it provides better performance. Finally, you should be able to rotate the dartboard number ring every few months so that the most use numbers do not get worn out.

Of course, buying the dartboard is only the beginning. You also need to take a close look at the darts that are included with your dartboard.

The first thing you want to look at is the barrel of the dart. Generally, darts are made of one of two materials: Brassard tungsten. Brass starts are best for beginners because they are less expensive. However, they do have the disadvantage of being thicker then tungsten barrels which can prevent darts grouping on high score areas.

Another thing that you want to look at when it comes to buying darts is what sort of tip they have. They generally come in two different types: steel-tipped darts and soft-tipped darts. Steel tips are best for bristle dartboards while soft, flexible tips are best for plastic boards with molded holes.

Another thing to keep in mind is dart weight, which is really a matter of personal preference, and dart finish. Painted darts are less exact than titanium finish darts, but they look much better. Keep all of these things in mind when choosing dartboard with darts included. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to