Best 90% Tungsten Darts of 2022

best 90% tungsten darts

Choosing the right darts can make a massive difference to the quality of your game. The right darts will be perfectly balanced in order to ensure the ideal flight path (called a parabolic curve) on their trajectory toward the dart board. They’ll feel grippy in the hand and won’t slip out from your fingers before you’re ready to launch them. What’s more, is that when they hit the board, they’ll sink in firmly and stay put – instead of rebounding off the surface and heading back toward your feet where they’ll either skewer your toes or break their ends off.

Of course, the best darts will also look awesome and thereby make you feel great when you’re throwing them.

The only question that someone new to the sport needs to ask themselves, is what makes the best darts? How can you choose a set of darts and feel confident that you have something that will tick all those important boxes? Let’s find out by counting down the best 90% tungsten darts.

What is Tungsten?

The first question you may have at this point if you’re completely new to the world of darts is ‘what’s tungsten’?

Well, of course tungsten is the material that darts are sometimes made from – the other popular choice being brass. But whereas brass darts are generally at the cheaper end of the spectrum and reserved for beginners and new players, tungsten darts are the ones that the professionals use – and those with aspirations to become professional.

That’s because tungsten is a much harder and heavier material. This means in turn that you need less of it in order to make a dart that will feel weighty in the hand and that will be resilient over time. We want both those things to be true because they’ll help the dart to fly faster, and they’ll let you play with it for longer.

If you try and make a weighty dart out of a light material, you will end up with a very thick and bulky dart. This is less aerodynamic, meaning it won’t fly as quickly or remain as accurate during its path. What’s more, is that a thicker dart doesn’t allow for as-close grouping. That means that if you have lots of darts bunched together, they’ll be jostling for space and one might push the other one out or to one side. By having thin, heavy darts, you get the best of all worlds.

So, tungsten is much better, but you also need to consider the quality of that tungsten. That’s because you never get pure tungsten, but rather an alloy made from a combination of tungsten and nickel. The greater the quantity of nickel, the lower the amount of tungsten and the lighter the dart becomes.

So what percentage purity are we looking for? Basically anything over 90% is considered acceptable for absolute professionals. And with that mind, that’s why we’re looking at the best 90% tungsten darts right here.

Top 3 Best 90% Tungsten Darts of 2021 (Ranked)

Fat Cat Bulletz 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

There is very little not to like about these Fat Cat Bulletz. These darts are incredibly expensive despite being 90% tungsten. They weigh 23 grams, which makes for a very satisfying throw, and they come with a great travel case that looks the part.

One complaint you may have could be with the flights which aren’t particularly designed and instead are very plain in black. This makes them not the most visually arresting of darts, but then again you might find them to be understated and sleek. 

The shafts are made from a lightweight nylon. This isn’t going to be seen as a plus for everyone however – as many would probably prefer a more durable and better-locking aluminium shaft. This is one area where the price lets itself be known, but it’s preferable to rattling plastic and is still very stable. And you do also get plenty of replacement shafts as well.

The darts also come with a dart mechanic wrench, making this particularly good value. The barrels have well placed knurls for gripping too.


  • Fantastic value given the features and extras
  • Good grip
  • Quality tungsten


  • Quite plain
  • No aluminum shafts
Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Viper is one of the best recognized brands when it comes to darts, and they rarely let you down. These Diamond darts are excellent quality and again represent great value too for what you’re getting. This time you’re not only getting superior materials in the dart barrels themselves, but also in the shafts which are this time around aluminium (diamond cut).

The flights also have a great design which will grab the eye. You again get a case included, a tool, and spares.

These are soft tip darts however, meaning they aren’t suitable for professional play, or any play not on an electronic board.


  • Great design
  • Premium materials
  • Heavy and fast


  • Soft tip isn't suitable for all players
  • Grip may be a little slippery for some
CyeeLife-Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

These smart-looking darts come with a whopping 18 flights included, meaning you should never run out. The flame design is also very eye-catching, as are the others. They also have a very well made barrel that really emphasizes the grip in a good way.

Aluminum shafts also make an appearance, with small rubber rings to hold them firmly in place. 


  • Great value
  • Excellent materials
  • Lots of spares and extras
  • Available in a variety of weights


  • Missing some of the most advanced features (such as rebound reduction)


Any of these 90% tungsten dart will provide you with the perfect balance of professional materials and weights, but minus the high price tag of the 95% tungsten darts on the market or those that have been specifically designed by pro players – which often incurs extra cost. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to