Best Rear Weighted Darts of 2022 Complete Buying Guide

rear weighted darts

If you consider yourself to be a serious dart player, then you’re going to have your preferences about your darts and just about every other accessory that you can bring to the table to give you a competitive advantage over your opponents.

People who aren’t serious about the sport will simply never understand the care and the detail that goes into selecting quality darts. You may spend months at a time practicing and competing with various different dart styles, weights, lengths and more before you find one that works for you.  

One of the most common specifications when it comes to darts is whether or not it’s front weighted or rear weighted. The balance of a dart can have a huge effect on your overall performance and the way that you throw your darts. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best rear weighted darts on the market. 

First, let’s take a minute to look at some general specifications that you should take into consideration when you’re buying a new set of darts.

Choosing The Best Dart Design For You

Depending on your own personal throwing style, the size of your fingers and hands, your wrist strength, and the distance that you’re standing from your target, you’re going to have your own preferences when it comes to darts.

The slightest change of details can either compliment you or detract from you, so it’s important that you take the following design considerations into account when buying your next set of darts. 


Although the maximum dart weight permitted by game regulation is 50 grams, your average darts will range anywhere between 16 and 30 grams, with a median of 18 to 23 grams as the standard weight.

The majority of a dart’s weight comes from the barrel, which is the part that you’ll be gripping when you throw the dart. 

Heavier darts have the advantage of giving you a little bit more control over the dart. They also don’t require as much effort to throw as a lighter dart. The heavier barrel tends to drive and propel the dart forward and doesn’t rely as much on the strength of the throw itself. However, if you get too heavy of a dart, you’ll notice that they drop easily and frequently miss the target.

Lighter darts around the 16 to 19-gram range are far less common than the average 20 to 23-gram. Most dart players don’t like these lighter darts as they require more effort in the initial snap and throw motion.

However, for those dart players who first learned on lightweight darts or whose throwing mechanisms tend to favor the front of the dart, a light dart is often the only option that they’ll ever consider. 

dart weight

Tungsten Percentage

Often, the best way to determine a dart’s overall quality is the percentage of tungsten used in it. While the tips are almost always made from steel, the barrel and shaft of high-quality darts is made of 80 to 90% tungsten

Why tungsten?

Simple. Tungsten is not only an incredibly durable and bend-resistant metal, but it’s also very easy to grip.

It doesn’t have the same slippery texture that aluminum and steel have which allows you to put a nice spin on it with your fingertips as the projectile is flying out of your hands. Cheap darts are made with higher percentages of steel or aluminum. 

When it comes to your darts, you should never skimp on quality. While you may be able to get a bunch of darts for an easy steal, these will only harm your game in the long run as they’ll mess up your shot and get you used to throwing with a sub-par dart.

Barrel Length

Most professional dart players prefer a barrel length that is between 1.5 and 2-inches long. This seems to be a sweet spot that caters to most overhand throwers. Longer barrel lengths give you a little bit more versatility when it comes to the way that you throw your darts, however. 

If you’re the type of person who likes to throw their darts from different positions and with different mechanisms, then a longer barrel is what you need. If you consistently shoot your darts the same way, though, a shorter barrel will give you more control.

dart barrel length

Barrel Texture

If you look at most high-quality darts, there will be quite a bit of texturing on the barrel. This is to allow players to get a good grip on their darts and allow them to put a nice bullet-like spin on the dart as it’s flying through the air. This will help the dart to fly straight and true. Shooting a dart that has too smooth of a barrel will often result in your fingers slipping and your dart missing its target. 

Steel Tip Or Soft Tip

The majority of professional darts are steel-tipped. These are the best option when it comes to a dart that has an even balance and that is durable enough to withstand hundreds upon hundreds of throws without breaking or bending.

However, plastic-tipped darts, commonly known as soft tip darts, are commonly seen in public bars or in family homes where there is more danger for accidents to happen. 


When it comes to darts, you get what you pay for. Cheap darts will be harder to throw and produce less consistent results, whereas more expensive darts will be easier to throw and produce more consistent results.

If you’re a serious dart player, you should never skimp on your darts as they ultimately determine your performance.

Why Use A Rear Weighted Dart?

Rear weighted darts are arguably far less common than a front weighted dart. Most players prefer to grip the dart from the middle or front of the barrel.

However, some players have developed their own unique style of throwing mechanism that works best with a rear weighted dart. 

Rear weighted darts also tend to be on the heavier side and they’ll have longer barrels that are often wide in the back and taper towards the front.

Top 5 Rear Weighted Darts

Now that you know just about everything there is to know about selecting the perfect dart for you, let’s get to the part you’ve been eagerly awaiting. We’ve put together a list of the best rear weighted darts that you can find on the market. Let’s take a look!

1. Shot! Steel Tip Dart by Darts-Ronin Rei

Shot! Steel Tip Dart by Darts-Ronin Rei

Shot makes some of the best darts on the market. They’re consistently designed to give you the competitive edge and consistent performance that you need to win. These darts are weighted at 24 grams and they have a long easy-to-grip barrel that caters to a middle or rear-fingered throwing style.


  • Heavily textured barrel is easy to grip
  • check-circle
    90% tungsten barrel is built to last


  • The painted finish wears off easily
CUESOUL 30 Gram Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set 95% Tungsten

Weighted at 30 grams, these CUESOUL darts boast 95% tungsten barrels which will not only last you for years to come but feel perfect in the hand. The hand-painted rings around the barrel make it easy to line up your finger positioning just right for a perfect rear weighted throw each and every time.


  • 95% tungsten
  • check-circle
    Long barrel length


  • May be a bit too heavy for some people
Viper Bobcat Adjustable Weight Soft Tip Darts

While these darts are factory designed to be front weighted, this kit comes with an adjustable weight set that allows you to switch up the positioning of your fingers and transfer to a rear weighted throw just as easily. It even comes with a carrying case and spare shafts so that you can keep everything organized. 


  • Comes with a case
  • check-circle
    Adjustable weight
  • check-circle
    Includes spare shafts


  • The flight is easy to break
Steel Tip Dart by Shot Darts-Tribal Weapon Steel Tip Dart

Shot once again makes our top five list with their 24 gram tribal-inspired dart. Inspired by ancient tribal combat projectiles, these darts will make you feel like you’re playing on a beachside in the Caribbean. The high-nitrile coating on the barrel makes it incredibly easy to grip and throw for an unforgettable dart playing experience.


  • Sleek design
  • check-circle
    Easy to grip high-nitrile barrel coating


  • The unique hourglass barrel design may take some getting used to
ONE80 Professional Steel Tip Darts Set

If you’ve got an artistic flair and like a dart with an ultra long barrel, then these ONE80 professional darts are perfect for you. They are mid to rear weighted and are incredibly easy to throw. Plus they even come with a storage and travel case.


  • Long barrel
  • check-circle
    Travel case
  • check-circle
    90% tungsten


  • The dart length might be too long for some people
  • times-circle
    Barrel doesn't have much texture


Finding the perfect rear weighted dart can be hard since they tend to be far less common than front weighted darts.

However, we took care of the difficult task of finding them and sorted through thousands of darts to bring you the best rear weighted darts on the market.

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