Best Viper Desperados Darts (2022 Reviews)

Best Viper Desperados Darts Reviews 2019

What do you look for when choosing a dart?

For many, it’s the feeling of confidence that comes when you let go and send the dart home. A good dart will travel quickly and accurately, taking the perfect parabolic curve on each journey, and never deviating from that flight path. 

We’ve all thrown a dart that fails in this area. We’ve all thrown a dart that rattles because it isn’t quite put together right, or that is so light that it somehow manages to catch a draft indoors. Others just seem to have minds of their own, spooning off into the distance.

It’s easy to accept a missed shot if it’s down to your own poor performance. But when you miss a shot because your dart let you down… that’s incredibly frustrating.

With the Viper Desperados, you are getting a high quality of dart that is guaranteed to offer a good experience and that will be highly consistent fast and accurate. These are within the realms of affordability for non-pros, placing them in a very attractive bracket for anyone who is looking to up their game without going ‘all-in’.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Viper Desperados available and why they’re such a great range.

Viper Desperado 80% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

These darts will appeal to a lot of people thanks to their design if nothing else. The skulls on the flights are menacing and eye-catching and they certainly help to set the darts apart. Of course if you’re not into the look, then you can also swap them out for a second set of flights that feature the brand name with some red and black patterning.

The quality of the darts is high. At 80% these aren’t pure tungsten and you’ll certainly find faster darts on the market. But with that said, they are more than solid enough while staying very slim and it would take an elite player to be able to tell the difference.

What’s more is that at 24 grams, these are very heavy darts indeed that will feel solid in the hands and which won’t easily be distracted from their course.

The barrels are designed with deep grooves and rings for ideal grip and a more interesting aesthetic. Aluminum shafts lock into place to hold everything together tightly. And the with six spare flights and a case, you are getting excellent value here. The case is also aluminum with a soft-cloth lining to protect the tools of your trade.

These are steel tip darts, meaning that they are sharp and strong for using with cardboard, wooden, paper, or bristle boards.


  • Excellent grip with extremely detailed barrels
  • Great price
  • Weighty and slim


  • Less than 90% tungsten
  • Some payers experience wear on the tips over time
Viper Desperado 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

These Viper Desperados are very similar in a wide number of ways with only a few notable differences. For one, you get a slightly different pattern on the flights. These show an iron cross which appears o be behind a blue and white explosion of sorts. The text is big and bold, and the overall effect is very eye catching and appealing. 

The other major difference is the weight. At 18 grams, these are significantly lighter. This actually lends itself quite well to the 80% tungsten production however, allowing the darts to be particularly slim and fast. These darts come in a variety of different weights though for those that want heavier. In fact, they go up to 22g which makes them very heavy indeed.

These are also of course soft tip darts. That makes them suitable for use with plastic boards with ready-made holes, but not compatible with harder boards, and not appropriate for use in competition.

The barrels are particularly intricately designed, with knurled bands, deep grooves, and rings that provide an excellent grip.


  • Slim and sleek design
  • Detailed grippy barrels
  • Includes a dart case


  • Soft tips only suitable for certain types of play
24g Micro Grip Viper Desperado Tungsten Darts Set

These darts are the same Desperados as before but demonstrate the variety available from the company. Again, you’re getting yet another weight at 24g – making for a particularly heavy set that will travel straight and which feel very durable and high quality. This does of course make them just a little thicker, considering that they are still 80% tungsten.

Of course the other interesting feature here is that these darts are ‘micro’ at 50mm by 6mm. 

They also have yet another different design for the barrel which is intricate with multiple different gripping points and design elements. You know what they say about small packages!


  • Good weight
  • Great grip


  • Not regulations sized darts

Viper Desperados Darts Reviews

While the Viper Sinister is the brand that the most serious darts players will want to familiarize themselves with, it’s the Desperado that a lot of people will be initially attracted to owing to that slightly lower price. These still aren’t budget darts, but by using the higher nickel count, they do manage to keep the cost low.

And despite not being up there with the most solidly darts on the market, they are still more than solid enough for any amateur player and will provide you with plenty of room to grow should you hope to progress into a pro.

That is always the thing to ask when buying sports equipment: are these items going to be suitable for you now… but are they also going to be suitable for you when you have gained in skill and experience and you’re looking for a bigger challenge? These darts might just prove to be a fantastic investment, and with their great design and resilient build quality, you’ll be happy to play with them for a long time to come! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to