How Far Is The Throw Line From The Dartboard?

Playing a game of darts is extremely fun, but if you are playing in a competition, the regulations must be followed to a tee.

In fact, the height of the dartboard must be exactly 5’ 8” from the floor.

While the height is the same for both soft and steel tip darts, the distance from the dartboard will vary depending on the type of dart utilized in the competition.

So how far is the throw line from the dartboard?

Steel Tip Dart Distance Regulation

If the competition involves steel tip darts, the distance must be 7’ 9-1/4” from the face of the dartboard. Before the competition can begin, the distance of 7” 9-1/4” must be measured out utilizing a tape measure.

If any player fails to stand on the designated line, they will be disqualified from the game.

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Soft Tip Dart Distant Regulation

The regulation distance for a dart game with soft tip darts is eight feet.

Before the game begins, the regulation line must be marked off so all players can see it clearly. The line is measured utilizing a tape measure from the dartboard face to the starting point. If any player fails to heed to the regulations, they will be disqualified.

Where Are Dart Competitions Held?

Taverns, bars and other entities host dart competitions. However, all competitions must follow regulations set forth by the World Darts Federation. The height and distance of the dartboard must be perfect to follow these rules and for the competition to be declared competent.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a game in your living room. Just remember the rules, if you want authenticity!

How To Measure The Height Of The Dartboard?

When it comes to measuring the height of the dartboard, you must focus on the bull’s eye.

The dartboard can be hung from the center or top of the board. Dartboards hung from the center can be measured easier than those hung from the very top.

However, you must measure according to the regulation set forth by the World Darts Federation.

I’d suggest reading my guide on how to hang a dartboard to make sure you’re setup properly.

How To Measure The Distance?

As mentioned above, the type of dart utilized in the competition will determine the actual throwing line. When measuring the distance for steel tip darts, you must measure the distance from the face of the dartboard up to 7’ 9-1/4”.

Avoid measuring from the wall, because this will throw off the actual distance from anywhere between ¼ to ½”.

When measuring the distance for soft tip darts, make the starting point at the face of the board and the throwing point at 8 inches.

Once you get the measurements drawn out, be sure to recheck your measurements. This will help ensure the game is being played per the regulations set fort by the World Darts Regulation.

The Throwing Line

Players must place their strong foot or both feet at the throw line, which must be at least three inches wide. The ideal is to keep the tip of your toe(s) from going over the throwing line.

dart stance footing

If necessary, you must practice this technique until you get it down pat. Remember, if you step over the throw line, you will automatically be disqualified. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to