The Most Expensive Darts: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

There’s nothing better than getting together with buddies and downing a few beers while playing a game of darts. Not only is it fun, which for many, is enough of a reason to play, but darts also provides a wealth of benefits; it’s a great way to relieve stress, promotes teamwork, improves concentration, enhances nonverbal communication, boosts self-esteem, and enhances a long list of essential skills, such as decision making, leadership, objectivity, and even conflict management – and that’s just a small sampling of the benefits that are associated with playing darts. Bet you didn’t realize that tossing small, hand-held “missiles” at a board was so advantageous, did you?

Whether you play as a pastime or you play competitively, there’s no doubt you want to do your best. In order to do that, having the right equipment is an absolute must, which means having a decent set of darts. While yes, patience, practice, and skill are all essential, but the actual projectiles you’re launching at the board will have a direct impact on your performance, too. That makes total sense, of course, because after all, no matter which variation of the game you’re playing, the darts themselves are the very foundation of the game – you can’t very well play without them – and the type of darts you’re using can either make or break the outcome of the game.

If you find that you’re really enjoying the game and you want to show off, you’ll want to equip yourself with the best darts possible. There are so many different types of darts to choose from. They’re available in a wide range of styles and materials, and they’re sold at a variety of price points. As you’re shopping, you may have spotted a set that has really caught your attention, but the price tag may be eye-popping, and you might find yourself wondering if purchasing them will actually be worth your while. Before you proceed with your purchase, read on to discover some valuable information about darts; namely, the difference between cheap and expensive darts.

The Most Expensive Darts: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

What Factors Impact the Price of Darts?

The price points for darts vary widely. Some sets cost $50 or less, and some can cost north of $100 or more. There are even darts that have 6-figure price tags; at the time of writing, the most expensive dart set in the world cost more than $4,000! No, we aren’t kidding; they’re made of solid gold, each one weighs more than 27 grams, and they are valued at around $1,330 each – and that’s just for the material!

Why do darts vary so widely in price? What impacts the price tags manufacturers attach to them? Based on the above information about the priciest darts in the world, you can see that the material that they’re constructed of plays a big part in the cost of darts; however, that isn’t the only factor that influences the cost. The following is a breakdown of the different factors that impact the price of darts.

The Material

As mentioned, the materials that darts are constructed of are one of the primary factors that determine the cost of a dart. Tungsten is the most widely used material, as it is extremely durable and relatively lightweight. The higher the percentage of tungsten, the more expensive the darts will be; for example, there’s a substantial difference between darts that are comprised of 90 percent tungsten and those that contain 50 percent tungsten. Other materials that darts can be made of include brass and steel, which are less expensive, but they aren’t as durable. Of course, if budget isn’t a concern, you could always opt for a set of solid gold darts.


The process used to manufacture the darts will impact the sales price, as well. How complicated the grip of the dart is, whether or not fancy machining was used, and the kind of coating that is applied to the dart are all aspects of manufacturing, and they can have a big impact on the cost of producing the darts. The higher the cost of production, the higher the price tag will be.

Pro Sponsorship

As you’re shopping, there’s no doubt that you’re going to see darts that are sponsored by professionals, and believe it or not, they tend to be more expensive than darts that aren’t pro-sponsored. Why? Because manufacturers have to pay the professionals that the hire to endorse their products, and where do you think they’re going to get the funds to pay those pros? You guessed it; out of consumer’s pockets.

Miscellaneous Factors

In addition to the three key factors mentioned above, there are several miscellaneous factors that can influence the price of darts. These factors include:

  • The country they were designed and manufactured in.
  • The materials that they are packaged and shipped in.
  • The advertising the manufacturer employs to market their darts; for example, whether or not they hire a professional dart player to endorse their products.
  • The taxes that are applied to all of the elements that go into the production of the darts, as well as the taxes in the location where they are purchased.
The Most Expensive Darts: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Frequently Asked Questions About Expensive Darts

Now that you know some of the key factors that influence the price of darts, you probably have a few other questions before you determine whether or not investing in more expensive darts would be worth your while. Here’s a look at answers to some key questions that may be able to help you decide.

Q. Do pricier darts fly better?

A. Yes. When comparing cheap and expensive darts, you can absolutely feel the difference in the way they fly.

Q. Do they improve accuracy?

A. The do help to improve accuracy. Why? Because more quality control is employed during the manufacturing of pricier darts; plus, better materials are used. These factors combined mean that they can improve your accuracy.

Q. Are they more durable?

A. Overall, yes, pricier darts are more durable than cheaper options, as they are made with higher quality materials.