What to Put Behind a Dartboard to Protect Your Walls

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they get started with darts is completely neglecting their walls. You hang up your dartboard without giving a second thought to what’s going to happen when you miss and fill your wall with dart holes.

No matter how good of a player you are, your wall still needs some protection. Between bounce outs and just straight up missing the board, you can almost guarantee that your walls are going to take some damage when you’re playing darts. So how do you keep this from happening? What should you put behind a dartboard to protect your walls?

You have a few options, but the two most popular are:

In this article, I’ll go over why you need a dart backboard, and some different options if you want to make your own. However, unless you just enjoy putting stuff together, I highly recommend just buying one like the Viper one I mentioned above.

Advantages of using dart wall protectors

Assures permanence

When your wall wears out due to continued poking, you have two options – repairing the wall or moving the board. Both options mean you do not get to enjoy your game in the designated game room, even temporarily. Using the dartboard protector makes sure your wall stays good, and eliminates the possible repair costs.

Enhances your privacy

Game rooms are for a sole purpose – ensuring sufficient privacy as you enjoy yourself. You therefore need to make sure you do not play anywhere else by taking care of the walls. After all, what better way is there than using a wall protector?

Promotes safety

Darts, even though they are enjoyable, have the potential to injure you or someone else. Good wall protectors will therefore ensure that in the case of missing the dartboard, the dart does not hit dangerous levels or bounce off the wall.

Looks aesthetically pleasing

Apart from preventing ugly walls, dartboard protectors add aesthetic value to your wall. They come in different designs and shapes to fit various rooms (in addition, you can make your own wall protectors), so you have no excuse to use them.

Best materials to use for DIY dart backboards

Driftwood backboards and shelves

Among the aspects that contribute to a good-looking home is less clutter. This option gives you both that and leaving your wall looking as good as new. Wooden dartboard shelves look unique, and give you some space to put your darts after use. It’s a win-win situation—you no longer need to worry about darts getting lost or injuring anyone.

Driftwood backboards also give your wall a classic look, and there is no wastage of space since the shelf takes it up. Achieving this look is very easy as well; you can use recycled wood by treating and staining it. If you want a softer touch, you can use softwood lamination as well.

Making this look is also enjoyable, because you only need to cut the planks you need into the size you want and then join them together. Making holes on the top part makes this a good store for added darts, and you can use the shelf to hold the dart barrel.

Cable reels

Cable reels may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of dartboard protectors, but they are a very good option. These drum-shape containers carry electric wires and cables. They are in different materials such as steel and plastic, though the best for most walls happens to be wood.

These cable reels give a unique look to your wall, not to mention they are affordable and you can get them in any market. A word of advice, though – ensure you hang them properly on your wall because they tend to be heavy.

cable reel dart backboard


An idea that is both classy and intriguing, this wall protector will not disappoint you. You can use an old rope in your house, but make sure it’s thick (you want to avoid thin ropes for the sake of your wall).

Once you find the best rope, you coil it as if you would a pipe, but ensure you leave sufficient space in the centre of the design so that your dartboard can fit in it. After this, you unfold the coil and begin gluing the strands and fibres together. Once you complete the gluing process, attach it to a wood support. This wall protector can serve you well for many years and hold your dartboard firmly as well.

Here’s a good walkthrough on how to do it.

rope dart backboard

LED Wooden boards

Using lights in a wooden dartboard amps the unique factor, in addition to making your space look very cool. This is a very creative idea, which not many people explore enough.

All you need to use is a stained, recycled or polished wood board that has a good finish, and this will help it to add the brightness of the LEDs.

You may go for lights that change colour automatically, though this may distract people when they are playing darts, so go for a solid colour when choosing this option.


This is another neat solution for the backboard. Cork!

You can get some cork flooring cut at a flooring store according to the shape you want, and then glue it to the plywood.

An even simpler solution for recycling is to use wine corks to put behind your dartboard!

protect walls with cork dart backboard.jpg

An advantage of this material is that you can go for attractive chips, and result in an aesthetically pleasing dartboard.

Using flowerpots as surrounds

In the instance that you want to play your game outdoors, you may be wondering about the best dartboard surface to use. Well, flowerpots can be an excellent option for this purpose.

One thing to note – ensure the flowerpot in question is a wooden one. Use a thick vertical stack as extra support for the dartboard, and fix this in the centre of the flowerpot in the soil.

Take a rectangle-shaped wood plank according to the measurements of the dartboard (in inches). You will mount the plank on the vertical stack. Ensure the plank is strong and hard to protect the dartboard, as well as preventing the sway of the board from wind movements.

Protect Your Wall From Dart Holes!

These are all good ideas for playing darts both indoors and outdoors, and the advantage is their longevity – they can serve you well for a long time and protect your board as well.

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