Piranha Darts Review (2022)

Piranha Darts Review

Piranha is one of the best known brands when it comes to making darts. This is a name that you can trust to deliver a high quality experience, whether you’re looking for something at the cheaper end of the spectrum for beginners, or whether you’re more interested in a premium, professional grade product.

But Piranha do make a wide range of different darts, and with all of them bringing subtle, nuanced differences to the table, it can sometimes be hard to know precisely where to start.

In this post, we’ll be reviewing the Piranha darts. While these come in a few different configurations with regard to weight and design, the general basics area the same. This review then will look at the range as a whole, and will help you to make the most from your purchase.

Piranha Darts Materials

The Razor Piranha darts range from 80-90% tungsten. For those that aren’t in the know, tungsten is the preferred material for making darts, being considerably superior to the much cheaper brass. The reason for this is that tungsten offers an excellent weight and resilience. Whereas brass is quite soft and light, tungsten is a heavy material – meaning that you need less of it.

That in turn means that you can create narrower darts and also achieve a heavier weight. Narrower darts are preferable because they allow for tighter grouping. In other words, you can have a whole bunch of narrow darts crammed into the triple 20 with no risk of them dropping out or pushing each other aside.

At the same time, these narrow darts will be able to achieve faster speeds and more consistent trajectories because they will be more aerodynamic. These are like knives through butter as they glide through the air – and that’s before you consider all the additional features.

At 80-90% tungsten, these darts aren’t the highest quality on the market (they go up to 95%), but they are considered suitable for the top professionals and they will certainly provide for the vast majority of players.

Dart World Razor Grip Piranha Steel

Razor Grip Piranha Steel

19517 Piranha Razor Grip 90% Tungsten Dart

Piranha 90% Tungsten

68547 Piranha 80% Tungsten Razor Grip Soft Tip Dart

Piranha Soft Tip

Piranha Darts Design Features

Now that the material is out of the way, we can marvel at the vast array of additional features and thoughtful inclusions that the company has made.

One of our favorite inclusions is the top spin revolving shaft. What this means is that the shaft revolves through the air and particularly on impact with the board. This in turn allows it to effectively ‘drill’ itself into the board where it remains firmly stuck.

This is a fantastic design because it means that you reduce rebound. One of the most frustrating things as a player is to throw a perfect dart and then have it bounce back out at you. Not only do you not get the score added to your total, but you also potentially ruin your dart (if the tip hits the floor) and you might even ruin your foot!

Other than that, you also get a unique non-slip razor grip. This is an incredibly grippy dart that won’t leave your hand until you’re absolutely ready for it to. This provides an excellent break from the slippery ‘slick’ darts that you also come across.

Options and Customization

Like most of the big ranges from Piranha, you aren’t stuck with the specifications that the company has lumped you with. It’s possible to find these darts in a range of different configurations to suit your needs – just as you might buy a computer with more or less RAM!

In this case, one of the first things you might choose is the weight that you want. These darts come in a variety of weights but are generally on the heavier side. At the lighter end, you can get these darts at 23 grams. These are the light end of heavy and will definitely feel premium and strong as they travel.

But if you want to take it further, then you can get these darts at much heavier weights. There’s 24, 26, 28 and even 30 gram options. The latter is a very weighty dart which won’t be to all tastes but will be a great choice for those that like something that has a lot of heft to it!

You can also get both steel tip and soft tip darts. Most likely if you’re shopping for a dart this expensive you will know the difference, but to quickly recap: steel tips are for wooden, bristle and cardboard dartboards and will have sharp points. 

Soft tip darts have plastic ends and are for use with plastic boards. These often benefit from electronic features that automatically keep score and allow for a host of other features. Make sure you have the right dart for your board!

Extras & Value

While these darts aren’t cheap by any stretch, they do represent good value given the quality of the materials on display and the excellent design with multiple pro-level features.

It’s nice to see here as well that there are included additional flights – useful for when yours become tattered. Then there’s the galaxy metal carrying case, which not only looks the part, but is incredibly durable.

While many darts these days do include a carrying case, this one is particularly well made and gives you that sense of feeling like an expert craftsman every time you open it up to pull out your choice weapons.

piranha darts

Buying Piranha Darts

Overall, while any dart is going to be a matter of preference to a degree, these Piranha darts are actually some of the most broadly popular and most reliable that you can get right now.

They feel really great to throw and they manage to bring a lot of top-tier features and design elements without incurring a sky-high price tag. This is a great dart for beginners and pros alike from a well-known and highly respected brand.


  • Made with quality materials and thoughtful design
  • Reduced rebound
  • Fast flights
  • Lots of options and extras


  • No 95% tungsten options

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Piranha Darts
  • Price
  • Features
  • Functionality


Overall, while any dart is going to be a matter of preference to a degree, these Piranha darts are actually some of the most broadly popular and most reliable that you can get right now.