What Type Of Dart Flights Should I Use?

As a veteran darts player, I highly recommend experimenting with a wide array of flights.

When I first got started, I felt the urgency to play with as many flights are humanly possible. This is something that I believe is pertinent for finding your own personal preferences and style.

So, which dart flights should you choose?

Again, this is a question that you will need to answer on your own. Each flight is different and each will cause the dart to react differently when thrown.

Below, I will provide you with some insight into flights, so you can hopefully find the right one for your unique needs.

Standard Flights

First and foremost, you have the standard flight. When you purchase a new dart, there is a pretty good chance that it will come equipped with a standard flight.

These tend to be the most common and they’re also one of the biggest.

Standard flights can be good for some players, but not all.

If you throw your darts with a lot of force, you’re probably not going to do well with standard flights. Instead, I would recommend standard flights for people that use very little force, as well as those that lob their darts.

If you’re using steel tip darts with more weight or a longer shaft, a standard flight will do the trick.

With a heavier dart, you really need less force to get it to stick into the board. The flight will help it remain airborne for a longer period of time. Standard flights are also ideal for beginners.

They can help the dart maintain its stability and straightness for as long as possible. Even the world’s worst players will see improvements with standard flights.

I really like the standard flights from Ruthless. I got a great deal for them on Amazon, and highly recommend them.

ruthless darts standard flights

Slim Flights

As the name implies, slim darts are much smaller than their standard counterparts.

Slim flights are much better for people who throw their darts with a lot of force. Also, they’re better for people who use lighter darts and shorter shafts.

In most cases, people that play with soft tip darts will appreciate the benefits provided from slim flights. Soft tip darts tend to be lighter and they’ll need more force to be thrown. Therefore, slim flights tend to be better suited for soft tip darts.

I appreciate slim flights for numerous reasons. One of the most notable is the fact that slim flights can help reduce the potential for bounce-outs.

Also, you’ll face much less risk of destroying the shaft when dealing with tight groupings. Again, slim flights are best for those that throw their darts with a lot of force.

These slim flights from Harrows are some of the best I’ve ever used.


Smooth And Textured Flights

You’ll also need to choose between smooth and textured flights. Smoother flights tend to experience less drag. I can tell you that they’ll fly through the air much quicker.

Textured flights will experience a lot more drag. If you believe that your darts are acting awkwardly in the air, you may want to change the texture slightly. Switch to a smoother or coarser texture, without changing the shape.

This could very well fix the problem.

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